What are the Car Rental Terms?

What are the Car Rental Terms?

What are the Car Rental Terms?

Car rental conditions are the elements that the people who want to rent a car or the companies demand you to fulfill. Although it may seem very simple under normal conditions, you actually have to fulfill some very important conditions to rent a car. If you are going to rent a car or travel for the first time, you must first know what these conditions are. In this way, getting car rental service will allow you to receive service without any problems.

Conditions When Receiving Car Rental Service

When it comes to car rental conditions, there are very important items that should not be skipped. The conditions you need to know and fulfill when you want to get a car rental service are as follows:

Your driver must be 21 years old

When you want to get a car rental service, the first condition you will encounter is the age requirement. You can rent an economy car when you are at least 21 years old. For a middle class vehicle, the age requirement required from you is to be at least 25. If you want to rent a large and luxury vehicle, you must be at least 28 years old.

License duration

When you want to rent a car, there are some conditions not only to have a driver's license, but also to the duration of your license. For economic, upper and middle class vehicles, you must have a driver's license for at least 2 years. For large and luxury vehicles, you must have a driving license of at least 3 years.

Additional driver must be reported

When you get a car rental service, you are legally required to drive the car only. If someone other than you will use the vehicle, you must definitely notify this in advance. Otherwise, in case of an accident, if the driver is different, the insurance does not cover the damage.

Mileage Limit

When renting a car, there is a mileage limit included in the price you pay. Some vehicles have unlimited km options and these vehicles are not subject to any conditions. For limited vehicles, you will be charged an extra fee in case of exceeding km.

Some important conditions are required for Motor Insurance/Insurance

In the event of an accident with the car you rented, if the necessary conditions are met, the insurance covers the damage. As there are conditions for renting a car, there are also conditions for insurance conditions. If the driver of the vehicle uses drugs and alcohol while driving the vehicle, the validity of the insurance expires. In addition to this, exceeding the legal speed limit, exceeding the load limit, and using the vehicle by someone other than the legally authorized person also causes the insurance and motor insurance conditions not to be fulfilled.

There are many other things that can be counted among the car rental conditions. However, the conditions mentioned above are the most important and must be known.
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