About us

All companies of the B2carlease  Baday Group, which started operating with the slogan of the easiest car rental, which will bring a different understanding to the short-term car rental sector, aims to serve its customers with a distinctive and innovative approach that differentiates itself in the sector such as Renault - Dacia dealerships and B2 Fleet Rental Service

Established with 100% domestic capital, B2carlease  is a Turkish rent a car brand with the vision of becoming an international brand. A brand that has institutionalism in line with the expectations of customers who rent for business or private purposes, but at the same time, belongs to their own country and they find sincere, was created with the expectations in mind.

The most important feature and source of motivation that distinguishes the B2carlease  brand from other global and corporate rent a car companies is the optimum satisfaction of our customers and their expectations. A long-term partnership with the customer based on mutual trust is our primary goal.

B2carlease , which develops its products and services by considering all the expectations of the customer, aims to provide service beyond the expectations by using technology in every subject that the rental customer may need.

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