Rental Conditions

In order to rent a vehicle from B2Carlease, our renters must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Hold a valid driver's license for at least 2 years (For non-Latin alphabet licenses, an international driver's license is required alongside the renter's own license.)
  • Have a valid credit card in their own name (with a minimum of 6 months usage).
  • Meet the necessary financial criteria according to the vehicle groups.

Rental periods are calculated based on a 24-hour period. Our clients are provided with a 2-hour grace period at the end of the 24 hours. No extra fee is charged for delays up to 2 hours. However, delays exceeding 2 hours are subject to a full day's rental fee along with any possible additional services (protection package, child seat, additional driver, etc.). The rental fee includes exemption-free protection package, VAT, and a limited 500 km daily mileage.

Our vehicles have a daily usage limit of 500 km. Up to 3500 km of free usage is allowed for rentals up to 7 days. For rentals of 7 days or more, the total free mileage limit is 3500 km. In case of exceeding the mileage limit during the rental period, an additional fee of 2.50 ₺ per each exceeded km is charged, based on the rented vehicle group.

A fair fuel policy is implemented for our vehicles. According to this policy, the renter is obligated to return the vehicle with the same fuel level it was provided. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than when received, the missing fuel cost is calculated by adding 20% to the current pump price per liter, along with a service fee of 118 ₺.

For foreign residents with a passport, there is no mileage limit or credit card requirement if they present their passport stamped by official authorities upon entering the country. The last entry stamp date on the passport must not exceed 6 months for passport transactions.

Rented vehicles are only allowed to be used within the borders of Turkey. International travel is not permitted.

Vehicle deliveries to the renters are made at B2Car branches. In cases of rentals from offices located outside the terminal, the guest is met by valets at the terminal and escorted to the office for vehicle delivery.

Our renters can return the rented vehicle to a different B2Carlease office during working hours, other than the pickup office. However, if the return location is different from the pickup location, an additional one-way rental fee is charged based on the pickup and return offices.

During the rental process, a deposit is held from the renters based on the rented vehicle group. The held deposits are refunded within 10 business days after the rental, following verification of any possible additional service payments.

Our renters can access higher vehicle classes by using the young driver package. The young driver package is provided for an additional daily fee.

Age, driver's license, and deposit conditions based on vehicle groups are as follows:

VEHICLE GROUP               AGE                       DRIVER'S LICANCE AGE          DEPOSIT     
 ECONOMY  21 YEARS  2 YEARS  1500 ₺
 MINI-VAN  23 YEARS  2 YEARS  1500 ₺
 MIDSIZE  23 YEARS  3 YEARS  1500 ₺
 UPPER  25 YEARS  5 YEARS  2000 ₺
 PREMIUM  27 YEARS  5 YEARS  3000 ₺
 MINIBUS  27 YEARS  5 YEARS  3000 ₺

Reservations are delivered if the general rental conditions are met. In case the general rental conditions cannot be fulfilled, the reserved vehicle cannot be delivered. Reservations are guaranteed by vehicle group. Brand, model, or color guarantees are not provided.

Payments made online for reservations are fully refunded in case of reservation cancellation.

Reservation changes or rental extension requests are processed upon confirmation from B2Carlease offices. For extensions without confirmation, the rental fee is charged with a 100% increase for each day of extension.

No refund is provided for the last 3 days in case of early vehicle return.

For reservation-related changes, you need to contact the channel through which you made the reservation directly. For all reservation changes or inquiries, you can reach us at [email protected] or our call center number +90 850 303 89 36.

Any traffic fines that may arise during the rental period, fines imposed by any institution, toll fees for HGS-OGS highway usage, additional services (winter tires, additional driver, child seat, etc.) are the responsibility of the renters. The usage of HGS tolls during the rental period is subject to an 18% VAT calculation.

If the vehicle's interior and exterior have debris, dirt, etc. that cannot be removed through standard cleaning, a detailed cleaning fee is charged to the renter.

Rented vehicles cannot be used by anyone other than the renter. However, an additional driver can be added to allow the designated person to drive the vehicle. In case of any damage or issues arising from another driver using the vehicle other than the additional driver and the renter, the renter is solely responsible, regardless of any protection package purchased.

Rented vehicles cannot be used in the following ways:

  • Transporting passengers or goods for an open or concealed income.
  • Towing any vehicle or trailer.
  • Transporting prohibited substances in violation of customs regulations and other laws.
  • Being driven by an individual under the influence of alcohol or drugs or by a driver not designated as an additional driver.
  • Engaging in motor sports (racing, speed trials, rally, endurance and speed tests, etc.).
  • Carrying excessive loads or goods that exceed the loading capacity.
  • Using vehicles in locations and conditions unsuitable for the purpose of rental, taking into account the make and model of the vehicles (off-road, hilly terrain, sand, swamp, riverbed, etc.), or in conditions beyond their technical structure and tolerance capabilities, in short, in abnormal and non-traffic conditions.

In any of the following situations, our renters must seek support from traffic police or gendarmerie units:

  • In cases of mutual accidents, obtaining photocopies or clear images of the driver's license, registration, and traffic insurance policy of the involved party/parties.
  • If the driver is a minor.
  • Capturing multiple images of the accident scene, clearly showing the license plate of the vehicles involved.
  • Not abandoning the vehicle without taking adequate safety precautions.
  • If the driver shows signs of mental instability or alcohol use.
  • If the driver is driving a motor vehicle without a driver's license.
  • If one of the involved vehicles has an official license plate.
  • If damage occurs to public property.
  • If damage occurs to the property of a third party.
  • If the accident involves a vehicle without valid Traffic insurance.
  • In cases of accidents resulting in death or injury.
  • In case of disagreement with the other driver at the scene of the accident.

B2Carlease vehicles are provided with exemption-free protection. The exemption-free protection package requires the user to pay for all possible accident or damage costs that may occur in the vehicle during the rental period.

Renters can choose from the following protection packages to cover possible accident or damage costs:

  • LCF (Tire-Glass-Light) Damage Package: Covers only one of the damages that may occur in the tire, glass, or light of the vehicle during the rental period, except for accidents. For example, it covers cracks in the glass, tire punctures (excluding damage to the rim, and limited to one tire), and light cracks (excluding body damage).
  • Exemption-Free Assurance Package: All B2Car vehicles come with exemption-free protection. During the rental period, possible damages, even with a police report, are charged to the renter up to a maximum of 5,000 TL for economy class vehicles, and up to a maximum of 7,500 TL for middle and upper segment vehicles. The renter is responsible for the full amount if the damage amount is below these figures. With the exemption-free assurance package, which will be provided for a daily fee, the renter does not have to pay these amounts.
  • Comprehensive Damage Package: Covers possible damages to the vehicle up to a maximum of 11,000 TL during the rental period. In cases of damages exceeding 11,000 TL, a report or police report is required. If a report or report cannot be provided, the damage amount is requested from the renter. This package includes the Tire-Glass-Light Damage Package and the Exemption-Free Assurance.
  • Premium Damage Package: Covers possible damages to the vehicle up to a maximum of 16,000 TL during the rental period. In cases of damages exceeding 16,000 TL, a report or police report is required. If a report or report cannot be provided, the damage amount is requested from the renter. This package includes the Tire-Glass-Light Package and the Exemption-Free Assurance.

For any questions, suggestions, or requests related to car rental, you can contact us directly at [email protected] or reach us at our call center number +90 850 303 89 36.

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