How to Change a Tire?

How to Change a Tire?

Tools Required for Tire Change

▪️Wheel wrench
▪️Inflated Spare Wheel (Spare Tire)
▪️User Manual
▪️Tire Chock
The four elements above must be present in your car. If any of these are missing, you should definitely buy them. For example, remember that the spare tire in your car should be ready inflated at the recommended pressure values. Every time you routinely check your tires, you should definitely check the air pressure of the spare tire at that time. Let me also point this out. Tire pressure values ​​vary according to the season. You can take a look at your car's owner's manual to fix the spare wheel at ideal pressure standards. This is really important.

How about a tire change?

1 – Park Your Car.

You may notice a flat or punctured tire while driving. No panic. Never brake hard or make rapid turns. Slowly reduce your speed first. In the meantime, look for a suitable and level area available for parking in your sight. Because the ground level is very important. If you are on an incline, there may be a risk of your vehicle slipping. You don't want this. Therefore, a flat surface as possible is ideal for tire change. In this way, you can be seen by other vehicles on the road.

2 - Make sure to pull the handbrake

This is a habit you should never forget every time you park your vehicle. Always pull your handbrake when you stop for a tire change.

3 - Place Your Reflectors and Turn On Your Flashers

In the same way, flashers are another way of ensuring that you are seen in the traffic. Place your reflectors on the spot where you can easily see them in the parking area and turn on your flashers.

4 - Remove Wheel Caps

As a standard, the wheel bolts of your car are covered by the wheel covers. There may be some exceptions. However, this is usually the way it is. Therefore, in order to reach the bolts, you first have to remove the wheel covers.

5 - Loosen the Wheel Nuts

Using the wheel wrench, apply pressure to the wheel bolts counterclockwise and loosen them. You can use your whole body weight on your feet to avoid strain and apply a more balanced power. This is more professional behavior. Thus, without removing the wheel bolts completely, just one turn to loosen and release.

6 - Place the Jack

Now comes the Jack placement. Because you will lift the vehicle and remove the wheel bolts. Make sure you position the jack correctly. For correct placement, first clean the bottom of the jack and check that the floor it is on is level. Just in case, it's a good idea to have a look at the user's manual. Remove the wheel bolts after jack placement on level ground.

7 – Install the Spare Tire

At this stage, you completely remove the old tire. Install the spare tire where you removed it. Make sure the tire is in place and fit the wheel bolts. And tighten it well with the wheel wrench. For tightening, you will turn the wheel wrench clockwise this time.

8 – Download Jack

Tire change is done. Now slowly lower the jack smoothly. Be careful, your car must land on all four wheels. Then have the wheel bolts inspected again. Make sure the wheel bolts are sufficiently tightened. You're done now. You have successfully completed the Vehicle Tire Change process. Now it's time to hit the road again.

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