Alacati Travel Guide

Alacati Travel Guide

Alaçatı, which was known as the Infantry Village in the Ottoman period, whose historical roots date back to the Ionians, is connected to the Çeşme district of İzmir. You will feel like you are on a historical journey while you are staying in Alaçatı's famous Boutique hotels while walking on the streets where the stone houses from the Greeks are located. Alaçatı, which hosts the magnificent beaches and seas of the Aegean, offers you a peaceful holiday where you can rest your soul with its boutique hotels and nature, as well as the opportunity to taste all the pleasures at the same time with its lively beaches and magnificent nightclubs with plenty of breaks. With its unique energy, Alaçatı is one of the most sought-after places in the Aegean.

Places to Visit in Alaçatı

1. Alaçatı Streets

When we say Alaçatı, the colorful streets among the historical Greek houses, the purple flowers that decorate these streets, the blue chairs of the restaurants and the cobblestones will add a completely different energy to your soul. It is almost as if you will not be able to resist the streets tossing you from place to place, and you will want to get lost in the streets of Alaçatı. It would be beneficial for you to listen to the voice of your soul while visiting these lands.

2. Alaçatı Houses

Alaçatı hasa completely different nature in terms of its architecture. The history of Alaçatı houses, which you can find in every corner of Alaçatı, dates back to the 1800s. While walking around Alaçatı, you will notice that the Greek people living in Alaçatı at that time built their houses with certain features. Among these are their colorful doors and windows, and the wooden windows of the public gardens. Our advice Don't forget to take your camera with you when you go to Alaçatı, you will be enchanted in front of these houses.

3. Alaçatı Windmills

Benefiting from the wind is a must in Alaçatı, which is Bilgen, which receives wind 365 days a year. between. He thought so with the Greeks in his time that they built these windmills to grind wheat in the 1800s. Only 10 of these mills, which were very numerous in those years, have survived to the present day. The taste of visiting this place in the evening is something else. If you go and see it, I am sure you will join us.

4. Pazaryeri Mosque

Pazaryeri Mosque is actually a church whose origins date back to the 1870s. When the Muslim population in the village increased, this church was converted into a mosque. The motifs inside were turned into a mosque only by covering them with a cloth. This historical building, which was built with the masonry rubble stone technique, has become one of the symbols of Alaçatı with its courtyard and the common architecture where two religions meet.

Those who do not do these should not say that they visited Alaçatı!

  -  In Alaçatı, whose texture smells of history, you should wander every inch of the streets. The magnificent energy of its streets will drag  you from there to there. Do not forget that you will want to take photos here.
  -  Visit the windmills in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset with the warm warm breeze of the sea.
  -  You should enjoy the deep blue sea and soft sands.
  -  An extra paradise for windsurfers in Alaçatı, a wind area every day of the year.
  -  Definitely go to the antique shops in the Hacımemiş Mahallesi, you will love it.

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