What To Do If Your Rental Car Is Stolen

What To Do If Your Rental Car Is Stolen


If you're having the misfortune of having your rental car stolen, there are a few things you can do to save it.  I hope you don't get such an unfortunate person ornot, and enjoy your practical journey by renting a car. In case of encountering such a misfortune, it is useful to know how to proceed in such a situation. If your rental car is stolen, the first thing you should do is call the police. Then you should call the rental car company and tell them what happened. They will probably have a process for dealing with stolen cars, so you can follow their instructions.

What Steps Should You Follow If the Rental Car Is Stolen?

1.Call the Police

When you encounter such a situation, you first need to call the police and make a report. It is useful to have the necessary documents with you. You may need to show the vehicle's license, key and car rental agreement. It would also be correct to first tell the police officer that the car is rented. If you have personal and valuable items in the vehicle, it is  useful to report them  as well.

2.Call a Car Rental Company

In case of theft of the rental car, some companies may first call the police and some car rental companies may request that they be searched. These first two items can be replaced as priorities. Some  car rental  companies install a car tracking system for rental cars. Thus, when such an unfortunate event is encountered, it can be easy to determine the location of the vehicle thanks to the vehicle tracking system. B2carLease car rental company has a vehicle tracking system on all vehicles.

3. Delivering the Key and License

You need to hand over the key of the vehicle, the license and the report kept with the police to the car rental company. If you do not deliver them,  it may be the case that the car rental company allocates them from the lessor. In order to avoid such a situation, it is useful to have them with you when using the vehicle. If the stolen vehicle cannot be found, the necessary payment  is made to the car rental company by the insurance company.

It is useful to be more cautious after renting a car. For this reason, it is useful to keep our special belongings with us when we get out of the vehicle during our journey. Keeping a valuable item in the vehicle can be a target for thieves. It will be safer to use the parking lots to park the car.

As B2carLease car rental company, we hope that you will not encounter such an unpleasant situation. If you are living or have such a question in your mind, we hope that you will eliminate the question marks by reading this article.

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