Dalyan: Discover Nature and History

Dalyan: Discover Nature and History


If you are looking for a holiday where you can get lost in nature and history in peace, one of the most beautiful places to go is Dalyan, which is connected to the Ortaca district of Muğla.

Dalyan, which is built around the narrow and thin passage that connects Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean, is a unique holiday destination where you can see the tones of green and blue together. It's a beautiful, yet wonderfully biodiverse habitat. The ancient city of Kaunos, the king tombs that can be seen from all over the city, the Iztuzu Beach and the caretta carettas that are under protection here and continue their struggle for life here offer you the opportunity to explore history and nature at the same time.

The Köyceğiz-Dalyan Lagoon system is a natural wonder consisting of lakes and canals decorated with reeds. A habitat that is as beautiful as it is terrific biodiversity. The ancient city of Kaunos rising from the delta, the king tombs adorning the slopes, the caretta carettas spawning on Iztuzu Beach make Dalyan an even more special place.

Dalyan Lagoon System where the Lake and the Sea are Blended

It takes all the charm of Dalyan from this lagoon system. We thought we'd start by introducing him first. You owe this unique view that you can't get enough of to the lagoon system.

It was a bay in the Mediterranean during the time of Köyceğiz Lake. For many years, waves fill the alluvium carried by the river, known as Calbys in ancient times, to the mouth of the bay and Dalyan Bay breaks off from the sea. Thus, one of the most complex lagoon systems in the world is formed. There are only 7 such lagoon systems in the world.

The Köyceğiz - Dalyan Lagoon System consists of Köyceğiz Lake fed by the waters coming from the mountains on one side, the Mediterranean on the other side, the magnificent Dalyan Canal covered with reeds between the two, and the Alagöl, Sülüklü and Sülüngür lakes. Here, a very different ecosystem has formed where the lake and the sea are mixed, and it is home to a magnificent natural beauty.

Places You Must See in Dalyan

1. Iztuzu Beach and Caretta Carettas

Iztuzu Beach, with a length of 4.5 km, has been selected as one of the 10 best beaches in Europe. An amazing experience for the sailor and adventurous sea lovers. It is a unique place that opens to the sea on one side and fresh water on the other, blends two ecosystems, and is preferred by caretta carettas to lay eggs. Iztuzu Beach is so well preserved that there is neither a hotel nor a house along the coast. Iztuzu Beach, the most famous beach of Dalyan, offers you the opportunity to witness the life cycle of caretta carettas. That's why it is also known as Turtle Beach.

2. Kaunos Ancient City

B.C. Founded as a port city in the 10th century and A.D. The ancient city of Kaunos, which was a living space under different civilizations until the 15th century, continues to exist even though it lost its port status over time as the port was filled with alluvium. The ancient city of Kaunos still continues to exist with its 5000-person theater, church, bath, warehouse, fountain, agora, stoa and inner city roads, temples and sanctuary, harbor and cemeteries. The theater of the ancient city of Kaunos, which has a magnificent view, is a place where you should go and enjoy the peace and romance.

3. Lycian Rock Tombs / Kaunos King Tombs

The Kaunos king tombs, which immediately come to mind when Dalyan is mentioned, are enormous structures that you can see from all over Dalyan, built in the 4th century, and how they were built is still a great debate.

There was a belief that the higher the tombs, the closer to God. For this reason, the tombs of kings and important people were tried to be built as high as possible.

4. Sultaniye Hot Springs and Mud Bath

It is said that the history of Sultaniye Hot Springs dates back to the 100s BC. These hot springs, which were discovered by the people of Caunos, continued in the time of the next civilizations and have survived to the present day.

5. Do not leave Dalyan without a Dalyan Boat Tour!

Diving boat tours, which open every day in the morning and last until the evening, offer you the opportunity to discover all the beauties of the fish. You have the opportunity to do both collective and private boat tours. Dalyan boat tours allow you to see the Köyceğiz-Dalyan lagoon system closely. If you want to explore many places with one move, Dalyan boat tour will be the right choice for you.

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